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Thermometer Termoflash LX 26

Thermometer Termoflash LX 26

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Model:CN 500824

Thermomether Thermoflash Instant LX 26 Evolution

Thermometer Termoflash LX 26

Medical no contact thermometer.

ThermoFlash® LX-260T EVOLUTION is a revolutionary electronic, medical infrared thermometer equipped with advanced technology called MicrosecondFlash™ technology
It measures body temperature at a distance of approximately 5cm of the right side of the forehead (temple), in less than one second. It detects the heat emitted by the temporal artery (blood flow).
Its control screen shows different LCD color codes according to the result of temperature for an easy diagnosis.
Very easy to use on Pets, small or big, very handy to use with horses, no contact, less tha one second results.
top TermometerThermoval Duo ScanTermometerThermoval Duo Scan
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TermometerThermoval Duo Scan

Item number: CN 160934
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Termómetro Thermoval Duo Scan

Thermometer Thermoval BabyThermometer Thermoval Baby
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Thermometer Thermoval Baby

Item number: CN 176050
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Thermometer Thermoval Baby

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